I’m Late!

Yesterday completely got away from me. Not because I was too busy…I was busy, but busy with fun stuff. I didn’t do one thing that I needed to do, including post for this blog. I was conscious of needing to blog yesterday, but it was too late to count for yesterday by the time I got home.

I picked up the book Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes this morning and saw this quote, “The modern woman is a blur of activity. She is pressured to be all things to all people. The old knowing is long overdue.” This could not be more true for me. I have a hard time saying no to family or friends and in the meantime, push myself farther back at every turn.

This was the main reason I wanted to incorporate a grid in the present project. But yesterday’s experience is typical of my usual M.O. – I know that making a grid is the easy part. I am nervous about keeping it up. I think if I tackle it as soon in the day as possible, I’ll be more likely to get things done. I also want to have a week of it under my belt before my classes start and my plate starts to pile up again!

I know that this journey is going to be positive, but I’ve already hit some small speed bumps this week. The goal is to not give up. The 12 step motto of One day at a Time is certainly something I need to embrace with this project and my life in general. I need to concentrate on the next right step and maybe then my life will start to come into better focus as well.



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