On the Rocks

There is a patch of flowers growing on the side of my parent’s garage. A small bunch of beautiful purple blooms amidst the rocks. No one planted them, but some how there they are thriving.

It reminded me of my life right now. I am essentially in the rocks as well. My life is crazy right now. I officially took over the classroom today. I’m working on my “practice” solo days this week, so my Clinical Teacher is in the room, but I’m running the show.

It was a good day, but my brain is pretty mushy tonight. I went to dinner with my mom and ran some errands. It’s too late to really work on any school work and I know I would be working at half brain capacity anyway. Some I’m going to call it a night.

Even though I’m in the rocks, I’m also blooming. I’m worried about not being paid, but I’m doing what I love in the classroom. I’m seeing my students grow and watching them learn is one of my greatest joys. I working through the scar tissue around my heart and am finally allowing people in. I’m in a healthy place emotionally. I am learning how to be present in all areas of my life, especially in my relationships.

I am a purple flower. I’m still in the rocks, but I’m blossoming.


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