Faith, Wisdom and Hope

This last week the irises began blooming in my back yard. I’m always blown away by how beautiful these flowers are. The irises are transplants from my late grandmother’s garden in Colorado Springs. It is so nice to see them return every year. They remind me of her and her grace. I miss her still more than I can imagine.

I photographed them yesterday and then did some research about their symbolism. I found some interesting facts. I learned that irises symbolism faith, wisdom, hope and valor. All qualities I loved in my grandmother. They take their name from the greek word for rainbow. This is also important imagery – a link to one of my other grandparents who passed away when I was five.  The Greek Goddess Iris was the personification of a rainbow and acted as a messenger for the Gods –  a link between heaven and earth.

I learned that irises are commonly found in Mary gardens. This was very interesting as I am extremely connected to Mary symbolism and am named for her. The french also fashioned their fleur-de-lis symbol from an iris. I took this next picture before I did my research and now I see it so clearly.

The Chinese  recognize the iris as the dancing spirit of early summer and when their soft petals sway in the breeze, it reminds them of butterflies. I had no idea how much deep symbolism was to be found in the beautiful fliting flowers in my back yard. I knew they made me happy, but I had no idea how central they were to my life symbols.

As I type this, I sit on my front porch protected by shrubs and invisible to the passersby. The light of the evening lilts through the leaves and the soft breeze cools me inside and out. A bird I can’t identify warbles a sweet song. It is very peaceful.

The iris represents all that I am after right now – beauty, grace, faith, wisdom and hope. A butterfly growing tall and strong in the summer sun.


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  1. Lisa
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 18:47:39

    Beautiful Mary! Beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I loved it! xoxox Love and miss you,


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