Season Change

Sorry about last week. I had parent/teacher conferences and crashed when I got home. This was the view from my front door last Monday. Things changed quickly and now most of the leaves are now fallen.  We have had some nice weather for a couple of days and then cold temps and yucky snowy roads. It was miserable getting to work today, but my ride home was just wet. I wish we could have kept the beautiful fall for a bit longer, but it was lovely while it lasted.

Here is the view from the lake in my apartment complex. I have been enjoying walking here. I am sad to have the colder weather make it harder to be outside. It has been very good for me to have such a wonderful place to live and be active. I have also been cooking well for myself. This was not the case when I lived alone before. I’ll close the blog with some pictures of my most recent culinary masterpieces!

I haven’t had much time for present project…it is still a major focus, but a lot of other stuff has come into my view again as well. I have been working hard to get my book ready to print again and figure out what promotion elements need to be put in place. I have been making things much harder on myself than need be…as I discovered a template file of the book tonight and I have spent over a week reformatting it in another file. Oh well – sometimes I get the cart in front of the horse!

I might have some more present project insight on Saturday, but for now I’ll say goodnight.


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