Things Are Not As They Appear…

I titled this post nearly eight hours ago and haven’t been able to write anything to save my life. For most of the afternoon and evening, I wasn’t even sure what I meant by this title…

I have been crying for the better part of the evening as well which is baffling because I had a perfectly nice day. I even had a lovely meal with a friend and really enjoyed catching up. Then I came home and just kind of lost it a bit. I don’t think I’m PMS – ing. I’m not sure what I’m grieving tonight, but I’m a blubbering fool for some reason.

I have been feeling so optimistic about my life lately, this emotional bump feels out of the blue. I’m feeling rather alone tonight – but there isn’t really anything that spurred this – not that I am conscious of at least.

I took this picture about a week ago and I like that you can’t exactly tell what the image is. Part of it might be obvious to some people, but all the stuff in the background looks mysterious and interesting when in reality it’s rather unimportant. I guess I had been feeling mysterious and interesting these last couple of weeks and today I feel rather unimportant.

Sorry for the bummer post. I probably need to go to bed. I’m sure it will clear in a couple of days…


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